Criminal Defense Attorney in Beaver County
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Beaver County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Contact Information
Please call to get a Free No Obligation telephone consultation. Please leave a message if no one answers.  When I call back, unless specifically directed otherwise, I will only leave my name, “Bill Jones” and a callback number; I won’t identify myself by occupation or give my reason for calling that number. I do it that way because sometimes there is someone who could access the message that you would rather keep “out of the loop”. You can expect to hear from me shortly, almost always on the same day and, as often as I am able, within a couple of hours. Due to my court schedule there will be times when I am not able to try to make contact until the evening; my personal rule is no later than 10:00 PM. If this is too late for you or you would be willing to receive a call later than that please indicate your time limitation

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